Today I am going to cover a very interesting solution for any company that consumes a lot of Internet bandwidth. We are going to be discussing how to leverage the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) in the Seattle Westin building along with Hurricane Electric.  This solution could be used in other locations around the country where there is a peering exchange with Hurricane Electric as a member of the exchange.

What is an Internet Exchange?

An Internet exchange is a marketplace that allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to directly interconnect networks and exchange IP traffic. Peering is the exchange between two independent networks for the benefit of both networks. Typical members of the exchange are Internet Service providers (Comcast, AT&T, etc.), content providers (Netflix, Amazon, etc.) and cloud providers (AWS, Asure, etc.)

What are the benefits of connecting to the Exchange?

  • Free peering with some of the biggest names in tech (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon)
  • Access to Hurricane Electric IP transit with no extra cross-connect
  • Low cost cross-connect fees using the Westin Building

How can I connect to the Exchange?

Typically we would use Optical Wavelength Service (1G,10G,100G) service to connect the customers location using carriers such as CenturyLink, Comcast, Level3, etc. The following diagram shows a example of how a WISP might connect to the SIX using 10GIG transport from CenturyLink.

Requirements to connect the Exchange.

The general requirement is that the customer must support BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) which means they would need their own ASN number.

View the video below for an overview of how this solution works!

The bottom line

Connecting to a peering exchange is a great solution for ISP's, WISP's, and commercial customers who have a need to connect to content providers with free peering and low cost IP transit. Our company (CTG3) can assist with the pricing since we have relationships with all the major carriers.

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